Friday, December 28, 2012

Ecclesia College President Interviewed On
David Barton's WallBuilders' Program

President Oren Paris explained the meaning of Earn While You Learn on WallBuilders Live.

WallBuilders Live! dealt with two major issues on the program - Earn While You Learn - linked here on their website.

One concern is the secular content of higher education, which trains students apart from or against Biblical truths.

The Ecclesia College statement says:

We are called to study all disciplines in light of the Scriptures to “show ourselves approved unto God, workmen that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth,” learning to think and walk honestly before Him in the light of His truth according to our ever-increasing frame of reference.

A second concern is the spiraling cost of a bachelor's degree and the burden of student loan debt at graduation.

President Paris noted that the average student loan debt is now $25,000, while the average at Ecclesia College is under $6,000 - lower than almost any other school. Ecclesia does not put a cap on parental earnings, so no student is rejected for having too much family income.

Ecclesia is a a work-college, often called a work-study college. The students are required to work 15 hours a week and learn good work habits. Paris said, "They are held accountable for their work, and learn good work habits."

More details are available from podcast audio file - Earn While You Learn.

Music and sports are important components of Ecclesia College's mission.

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