Sunday, January 13, 2013

Friends of Ecclesia College

President Oren Paris III

Friends of Ecclesia College:

Thank you for friendship!  We are deeply grateful to all of you, in our local community and around the world, who consider us friends and co-workers in the Kingdom of God. We urge you to let us know how we may serve you better as we do the work that God has set before us. Our mission is to provide a distinctive education through its mentoring for life and learning, integrated classroom academics, and student-work (hands-on, in-service) program. Upon successful completion of the Ecclesia College faith and character-based education, graduates should be able to:

* Demonstrate Biblical faith and character as the foundation for their own further spiritual and ethical development and mentoring of other faithful Christians.
* Demonstrate competence in academia that will appropriately qualify them for their selected vocations.
* Matriculate into their chosen vocations and further studies according to their gifts and callings.
* Relate spiritually, politically and culturally to the cross-cultural diversity and contemporary world issues of a global society by means of courses, workshops, and other events supporting societal awareness and application.

If you would like to join with us in what God has given us to do, please let us know!  There are many travel and volunteer opportunities through Ecclesia, as well as cash and gift-in-kind wish lists and prayer needs.

God bless you as you abide in Him!

Oren Paris III
The late Oren Paris II, founder of Ecclesia College.

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